Ever been in public & just wanted to scream, dance or jump?

Did you do it?

I have been able to begin reconnecting to myself and my power in a way that I never have and I have begun healing in ways that I never thought I had the power to do myself.
— Elz e.
Briana has a supportive and secure way about her, without being rigid or controlling- best explained as FLOW! Her ways of being and methods allowed me to express myself fully and become more...myself... in her presence. Thank you!
— Sommer R.

The world a lot of silent expectations for what we do and say publicly.

This is why I create workshops and events for people to explore novel actions and sensations.

Maybe you’ve heard the quote from Neil Donald Walsh

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

We learn about ourselves by trying new things. What feels good? What feels scary? Even things that feel easy like a waste of time?

With every experiment comes information.

This is what happens in my workshops. We play, we learn, we observe and we grow. They are designed to not only present information, but to guide the group gently into experiences that provide powerful information about where our comfort zone’s currently lay, and perhaps even why.

It’s all in service to unraveling unconscious reactions and patterns and creating a better life with ease.

If you’re interested in joining amazing people in a structured space that both feels comforting and exciting, then my workshops are a great fit for you.