What would happen if you set off a chain reaction of insight in your organization?

If you’ve ever thought “people are complicated”, you can certainly appreciate that when you get a bunch of them together to work on a team, the complications increase exponentially!

Weird stuff starts to happen: office politics, factions, currying favor and all types of other unproductive and potentially toxic behavior.

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AND it doesn’t have to be that way. . .

As a trained facilitator who has served on staff with AmeriCorps, Goodwill Industries and Columbus Public Schools to name a few, Briana has led everyone from teens to corporate groups through transformational processes that result in:

A feeling of having ‘cleared the air’

Team members feeling relieved and being able to express themselves in a safe environment

Increased productivity and comradery

A deeper connection to the organizations stated vision and values.


. . .and organizations do not have to be held hostage by baggage from the past or by a few “bad apples”.

My motto is “everything is possible in communication” and it’s actually true. With a skilled facilitator, the metaphorical blinders people have on to possibility are removed.

All of the sudden, staff are open to new ideas, they’re willing to examine interpersonal behaviors or work styles that they may have never been willing to look at before.

Mountains can be moved and new life breathed into your staff when you work with a skilled facilitator.


Successful companies understand this: If you’re staying still, you will be outsmarted, outworked or outmaneuvered by more hungry and nimble newcomers.

Innovative technology emerges every year which give these young companies leverage over older, more established ones.

But technology is NOT the only potential advantage.

Communication, culture and alignment with a shared vision can do more to thrust a company forward than any potential software platform.

Huge time-wasting behaviors at every level of the company can suddenly disappear in the face of honest, co-operative communication.

But for many, it can be downright terrifying to hear the truth!


My expertise is creating environments that we don’t just call “safe spaces” but actually feel safe to everyone (even for the management).

If you’re ready to for something different at work - sustainable results that are an order of magnitude greater than you’ve seen before, set up a call with me now to explore.